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Only Carpay was built to put BHPH dealerships in the fast lane to success with easy-to-use software that takes care of loan management so you can take care of business.

  • Reduces late payments, repos and charge-backs
  • Automatically texts and emails customers
  • Lets customers pay by app, online or phone

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Are you managing loans…or are loans managing you? Carpay automates payments, communications and more to reduce stress, increase on-time payments and help you grow your portfolio.

  • Automatically syncs with your DMS
  • Sends a daily hit list of collection information
  • Gives you an at-a-glance view of payment history
  • Allows you to approve payer names to avoid charge-backs
  • Gives you the freedom to adjust payment amounts, schedules, split payments and more
  • Lets you block payments during repossessions
  • Easily adds sides note, late fees and pickup fees
  • Offers another source of revenue with convenience fees

Spend less time managing your portfolio and more time growing it.

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